5 Cheap Things I Can’t Live Without

cheap things I cant live withoug thriftability

Sometimes we “keep” things (I refuse to say hoard) because even though they have grown less popular, or aren’t considered High Fashion, they WORK, and that’s why we’re OK with being ridiculed for keeping them. I had filed this post away as a draft for a future date, when I read a post by Shell, […]

Investing Your Money – A Good Idea or Not So Much?

Regardless of age, people have varying levels of understanding when it comes to investing their money. Some learn about investing their money through information received at work when they sign up for their company-sponsored 401k or retirement plan. Others may seek out the advice of friends or family members. However this knowledge base is built, […]

How to Affordably Winterize a Home

When temperatures begin to drop, homeowners are faced with numerous preventive options to protect their homes from seasonal damages. These winterizing strategies can range from free to extremely expensive and temporary to long term. An ice-cold home is highly unwelcoming and uncomfortable for residents, but the costs of heating a home through a freezing winter […]

Fiverr: What will YOU do for $5?

When times are tight, many people begin to think about ways to make a little extra cash. Second jobs and freelancing are popular ways to make more money. One venue I am unreasonably intrigued by is Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where users offer a small service they are willing to do for $5. These […]